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ONLINE ONLY! Arizona Estate, High-End Western, Native American, & Fine Jewelry Private Collection!


More lots will be added soon, so check back periodically!

This is an extremely high-end private collection from a lifetime collector of some of the finest western and Native American artwork, as well as Native American and fine jewelry.

First lot closes on Saturday, September 11th, 2021 at 9:00AM MST and each lot closes 1 min after the preceding lot. 

Don't miss this opportunity! 


Catalog - Arizona Estate High-End Western Art, Native American, and Fine Jewelry Private Collection Auction (invaluable.com)

PLEASE READ: For any purchases totaling $2,500.00 or more, we require payment to be made in the form of a wire transfer, cash at local pickup, or a Certified Cashier's Check made out to Fidelity Estate Services. You will receive an email at the conclusion of the sale with details if applicable. For anything less than $2,500.00, please pay through your invoice online which will be emailed to you at the conclusion of the auction. Good luck bidding!

LOCAL PICK-UP INFO: (AZ residents)

Monday, September 13, 2021

9:00AM - 5:00PM in Phoenix

*Exact address will be listed on winning bidders' invoices at the conclusion of the auction.*

PLEASE READ: If you are unable to make it to this local pick-up, your items will go to PakMail after you pay your invoice online. They will proactively reach out to you to arrange shipping, or you can pick up your items from them (32nd St. & Bell Rd.) for a small fee. 


SHIPPING INFO: (Anyone with an address OUTSIDE of AZ)

We are partnered with PakMail for all of your shipping needs. After you pay your invoice online, your items will be sent to PakMail, and they will proactively reach out to you to arrange shipping. They can be reached at 602.971.2300 for any questions related to shipping. 


Auction Catalogue: 

1 Donald "Don" Crowley "Cactus Plumbs" Original Oil On Canvas Art

2 Curt Walters "Canyon Oblation" Original Oil On Canvas Art

3 Bill Nebeker "Season Of The Buffalo Bronze, On Swivel Base

4 H.Hankins "Whistle Smoke" Original Oil On Canvas Art

5 (Lot withdrawn) Jenness Cortez "Four American Visionaries" Original Oil On Board

6 Jim Carson "Too Steep To Ride" Original Oil On Canvas Western Art

7 Orland C. Joe "Earth Songs" Utah Alabaster Native American Sculpture On Swivel Base

8 Jason Rich "Ready And Waiting" Oil On Board Original Western Art

9 2005 Bill Nebeker "Judgement's Comin'" Bronze, #2 of 30

10 (Lot withdrawn) Bill Owen "Watering Hole" Original Oil On Canvas Art - Cowboy Artists Of America

11 Michael Coleman "In The Canadian Rockies - Banff" Original Oil On Board Art 

12 Terri Kelly Moyers "Las Flores" Oil On Canvas Original Art

13 Dennis Ross, Native American Hopi "Corn Maiden", Carved Large Kachina

14 Charles Pabst "Evening At Moran Point" Original Oil On Canvas Art

15 Mark Hopkins "Crack The Whip" Bronze Sculpture Depicting Children, 297/450

16 Ron Stewart "Dust At Dawn" Original Oil On Canvas Art

17 Jason Napier, "Flirty Birdy" Bronze Sculpture With Patina Finish, On Swivel Base Edition #8/21

18 Clark Kelley Price  "Gauging The Witches Path"  Original Oil On Canvas Western Art

19 Jason Napier "The Admirers" #10 & #11, Bronze with Patina Finish, Edition 10/37 & #11/37 Admirer II

20 Donald "Don" Crowley "The Bride" Original Oil On Canvas Art

21 John Coleman, "Sister Moon" Bronze Sculpture

22 Bonnie Marris "Courtship" Original Oil On Canvas Art

23 Howard Post, "Four Ranch Mares", Original Oil On Board Art

24 Ross Matteson, "Butterfly Tear Tattoo", Black Belgian Marble, Bronze, Mother Of Pearl Sculpture

25 Jack Storms, Standard Beveled Cube, 2015, Original Optical Crystal Sculpture

26 Lazarus Tandi, "African Queen" Bust Jade Green Verdite Stone From Zimbabwe 2004

27 Curt Mattson "When Experience Counts", Edition #7, Bronze Sculpture, Foundry Stamped By Thumb Butte Bronze, Inc.

28 Michael Scott, "Peep Show" Santa Fe Original Oil On Board

29 (Lot withdrawn) Tim Cox, "Peaceful Waters" Original Oil On Board

30 Glenna Goodacre, "Patrick And Shannon", Bronze Sculpture, Cast #1/3

31 Lee Ray American Indian Acoma Pottery

32 20th Century French Art Cameo Glass Attributed to Galle

33 Bryce Pettit "The Elf & Giant Dwarft Owl" Bronze Sculpture, 2005, 5/20

34 Susan Kliewer, "The Challenge" Native American Chief Bronze, 5/150

35 Lisa M. Gordon "Walker, Walker, Boots", 4/30 Cast Bronze Sculpture

36 Gail Jones Sundell "Mutual Adoration" Stone Sculpture On Swivel Base

37 (Lot withdrawn) Russell Houston "Capitol Offense" Original Oil On Canvas

38 Dave Powell "Turning The Wild Ones" Original Oil On Board

39 Ron Stewart "Bad Hair Day" Original Oil On Canvas

40 Merrill Mahaffey "Saddle Canyon Downstream", Original Watercolor On Canvas

41 Greg Larock "Fire In The Sky" Original Oil On Board

42 Joseph Robertson, "White Buffalo And Calf" Original Art On Board

43 Porusaud "Innocence Dream"  Bronze Sculpture on Italian Marble Base

44 Jess Davila "Messenger" White Alabaster Angel On Marble Base

45 Bruce Greene Cowboy Artist Of America, Bronze Sculpture On Wood Base

46 J.R. Eason "To Know Joy" Sculpture With Earthy Patina 4/14

47 Hubert Wackermann "Nez Perce Hunting Party" Original Watercolor On Board

48 Tuhavi Ty Duwyenie Native American Wood Carved Kachina

49 Ed Archie Noisecat Neo-ab Original Art "Endangered" Bronze And Art Glass Totem Pole Sculpture On Wood Base

50 (Lot withdrawn) Ray Swanson "A Little Work But Mostly Play" Original Oil On Canvas

51 Joe Somers "Desert Doors" Three-Dimensional Oil On Wood 11/75

52 Cynthia Rigden "Three Donkeys" Original Oil On Board

53 Valeriy Kagounkin, Cowboy On Horse In Water, Original Art On Canvas, Western Art

54 (Lot withdrawn) Clark Kelley Price "Indispensable Man", Original Oil On Board

55 (Lot withdrawn) Luke Frazier "Golden Smile" Original Oil On Board 2020

56 Howard Rogers (B.1932) "Living Free" Original Oil On Canvas Art

57 Elaine Ware & Paul Fleming Porcelain/Ceramic Fairy Tale Art

58 Valeriy Kagounkin "What Was That Noise?"  Original Acrylic On Canvas 

59 Al Agnew "Dry Fly Water, Original Acrylic On Board

60 El Mudo Andino "Apuchay" Original Watercolor On Paper

61 Joanne Stackhouse Tribal Painted Gourd, 2001

62 Phil Beck Framed Oil on Canvas Art

63 Leland Curtis Framed Oil on Canvas Art

64 F.J.J.C. Masserig Framed Oil on Canvas Art

65 William Ahrendt Framed Oil on Canvas Art

66 Cavalier Michele Federico Framed Oil on Canvas Art

67 EARLY Native American Hand Woven Rug


75 14K Gold Custom Italian Modern Necklace with 115 Diamonds

76 14K Gold Custom Italian Modern Bracelet with 60 Diamonds

77 14K White and Yellow Gold 42 Diamond Bracelet in the Style of Cartier

78 14K Gold Custom 46 Diamond Tennis Bracelet

79 18K Gold Baume & Mercier Lady's Dress Wristwatch

80 Monumental 14K Yellow Gold Mesh Tapered Necklace

81 18K Yellow Gold European Aries Ram Head Pendant with Green Emerald Gemstone Eyes

82 18K Matte Gold Heart Shaped European Earrings with 66 High Quality Diamonds

83 14K Gold Diamond and Emerald Custom Lady's Ring

84 Monumental 14K Yellow Gold Italian Mesh Bracelet

85 14K Yellow Gold Diamond and Green Emerald Tennis Bracelet

86 Concord Designer "Saratoga" Horse Stainless and Gold Lady's Wristwatch

87 14K Gold Mesh Necklace with Natural Diamond Bezel Pendant 

88 18K Matte Yellow Gold Diamond and Ruby Dolphin Ring and Earring Suite

89 14K Yellow Gold Ring with Diamonds and Pear Shaped Amethyst Center Stone

90 18K Yellow and White Gold Brooch with High Quality Diamonds and Green Emeralds

91 14K Yellow Gold Butterfly Brooch with Natural Yellow and Champagne Diamonds

92 14k Yellow Gold and Jade Asian Ring

93 Noblia Lady's Stainless and 14K Gold Designer Wristwatch

94 14K Yellow Gold Custom European Butterfly Brooch with Blue Sapphires and Diamonds

95 14K Yellow Gold European Mobe Pearl Earrings

96 14K White Gold Pearl and Ruby Cabochon Earrings

97 $55,000.00+ 14K Yellow Gold Collar Necklace with 462 Diamonds 34.65cts total]

98 $19,000+ Keshi Pearl Multi-Strand Necklace with 18K Gold and Diamond Clasp, 2.50cts of Diamonds

99 $8,000.00 18K Yellow Gold and Fancy Color Diamond Cluster Ring, 3.12cts Total Diamond Weight

100 $20,000.00+ 18K Yellow and 14K White Gold Necklace with 4.94cts Brown Diamonds

101 $9,000+ Lady's 14K Yellow Brown Diamond Ring with White Diamond Accents, 2.29cts Total Diamond Weight

102 $10,000.00+ 14K Yellow Gold, Diamond, and Ruby Necklace with 3.68cts of Diamonds 

103 18K Yellow Gold Lady's Earrings with Purple Cabochon Gemstones and 46 Round Cut Diamonds

104 $6,000.00+ 14K Yellow Gold Butterfly Brooch with 4.30cts of Diamonds Including Yellow and Brown Round Diamonds

105 $15,000.00+ 18K Yellow Gold Natural Diamond and Ruby Necklace with 4.50cts of Diamonds

106 Natural Emeralds

107 $7,000.00+ 18K Gold Blue Sapphire and Diamond Ring with 1.44cts of Diamonds and 3.22ct. Sapphire

108 $5,000.00+ 14K Yellow Gold and 3.36ct Diamond Spiral Earrings 

109 $12,000.00+ 18K Yellow Gold Ring with Diamonds and 2.03ct Ruby Center Stone

110 Approx. 33ct Amethyst Oval Cut Gemstone

111 $21,000.00+ 14K Yellow and White Gold Necklace with 6.73ct Emerald Center Stone and 2.40cts of Diamonds 

112 Yellow Natural Gemstones

113 $6,000.00+ 14K Yellow Gold Butterfly Brooch with Brown and Yellow Diamonds, 3.56cts Total Diamond Weight

114 Approx. 27ct Amethyst Gemstone

115 14K Yellow Gold Lady's  Earrings 

116 $9,000.00+ Yellow and White Gold Emerald and Diamond Bracelet with 3.36ct of Diamonds

117 14K Yellow Gold Diamond and Green Emerald Lady's Earrings

118 25 Natural and Fancy Yellow Diamonds Totaling Approx. 2.75cts

119 Approx. 35ct Emerald Cut Amethyst Gemstone

120 $6,000.00+ Loose Square Cut Natural Emerald

121 Philip Stein Teslar Lady's Stainless Wristwatch

122 Approx. 11.5ct Blue Green Natural Gemstone

123 $7,300.00+ 18K Gold Le Triomphe 19.2ct Emerald Cut Amethyst and 1.6ct Diamond Tennis Bracelet

124 Approx. 6ct Pink Ruby or Sapphire Natural Gemstone

125 14K Gold Diamond and Triangle Cut Sapphire and Ruby Ring

126 Approx. 33 1/2ct Amethyst Oval Cut Gemstone

127 $6,000.00+ Loose Square Cut Natural Emerald

128 Marina Dieul Framed Original Oil on Board Art Depicting Mouse and Ocean Scene

129Gerald Harvey Jones (1933-2017) "Genteel Times" Framed Oil on Canvas Original Art Depicting Street Scene

130 Glenna Goodacre 2006 " Sacred Song " AP Bronze

131 Bill Nebeker " Running The Gauntlet " 2000 Native American Original Bronze 1/25

132 Dustin Lyon " Wonders of the Sky " Oil Painting on Canvas

133 Mary Qian Original Oil on Canvas Depicting a Woman

By registering to bid or placing a bid you agree to be bound by all of these terms & conditions, and any other announced terms and conditions of sale or rules of this site. Arizona law will apply to all legal disputes.
This Bidder Agreement ("Agreement") is made between Fidelity Estate Services, LLC ("FES") and the person or entity listed on this page ("Buyer"). Bidder agrees to be bound by the terms of this Agreement with respect to all sales and auctions conducted by Auctioneer. Bidder acknowledges that additional terms to this Agreement may be posted and/or announced from the auction block and such additional terms are deemed incorporated into this Agreement by this reference and are binding on Bidder.
Each Lot is sold "AS IS-WHERE IS", with all faults and defects and all errors of description. Buyer hereby waives and releases FES from and against any claim, demand, liability, or expense of any kind arising out of or related to the Lot.
Buyer acknowledges and understands;
1. FES does not make any representations or express any opinions of its own concerning any Lot
2. Buyer has the option to make his own examination of any Lot before bidding; and assumes all risk of any nonconformities in any Lot.
3. Condition report requests are suggested if you are unable to view the item in person. Condition report requests are answered in the order they are received. It is at the auctioneer's discretion to respond to any request sent the day of the auction.
4. Buyer further acknowledges that he has not relied upon any Statements and/or oral or written representations by FES contained in any catalogs or advertisements of any type pertaining to the sale, including without limitation statements concerning condition, genuineness or authenticity, originality, origin or provenance, previous use or ownership, manufacturing or restoration processes, year or age, serial number, make, and/or model of any Lot or of any component of any Lot.
5. Buyer represents that the amount bid for any Lot is based solely on Buyer's own independent inspection and evaluation of that Lot.
6. Auctioneer is not liable for any issues concerning telephone bids, online bidding, and/or absentee bidding.
7. Buyer assumes all risks associated with any nonconformity of any Lot or any component of any Lot.
8. As a condition of participation in the auction, Buyer represents that he will conduct any inspections and examination necessary to satisfy himself of all material facts before making any bid.
9. Auctioneer reserves the absolute right to withdraw any item at any time before its actual final sale, including during bidding.
10. Auctioneer at its discretion reserves the right to refuse any bid from any bidder and not to recognize a bidder.
The Auctioneer's designation of a buyer is FINAL. The highest bidder acknowledged by the Auctioneer is deemed the buyer of the item auctioned. If any dispute were to arise between two or more bidders, the Auctioneer reserves the right and the discretion;
1. to determine the successful bidder.
2. to refuse any bid from any bidder and/or not to recognize a bidder.
3. Unless otherwise prohibited by law, before Buyer may initiate any legal proceeding arising out of or relating to any sale occurring as a result of this Agreement, including, but not limited to issues related to Seller's representations or statements concerning condition, genuineness or authenticity, origin or provenance, previous use or ownership, manufacturing or restoration processes, year or age, serial number, make, model or mileage, or any other representation made regarding any Lot, Buyer shall submit to a mediation with Seller to be facilitated by FES or its designee on the terms and conditions set forth by FES.
Buyer agrees not to join FES as a defendant in any action or proceeding arising directly or indirectly out of the condition of the Lot or any alleged representations concerning the Lot. If Buyer fails to comply with this provision, Buyer agrees to reimburse FES for all costs, expenses, and fees, including attorney fees, in defense of such claims.
Buyer hereby waives any potential or actual conflict of interest inherent in such a mediation process and agrees to defend (using counsel reasonably acceptable to FES). Bidder acknowledges responsibility for any personal injury or property damage caused by bidder or bidder's agents, and further agrees to hold harmless Auctioneer and the seller, and their respective agents, employees and representatives for and from (a) any and all personal injury to bidder and bidder's agents, (b) any property damage occurring on the auction premises, and any and all suits, claims, damages, costs and expenses of every kind and nature which may or might be asserted against any of them as a result of the actions or omissions of bidder and/or bidder's agents.
Bidder hereby acknowledges that Auctioneer is an Arizona company with its principal place of business in the State of Arizona.
No waiver or alteration of any provisions of this Agreement shall be effective unless it is in writing and signed by an authorized representative of Auctioneer or unless it is publicly announced by Auctioneer from the auction block prior to sale. Any prior oral or written representations or agreements between the Parties are superseded by this Agreement.
The rights and remedies of Auctioneer under this Agreement are cumulative and the use of any one right or remedy shall not preclude or waive the right to use any or all other remedies Auctioneer may have by law, statute, ordinance or otherwise. In any litigation or proceeding arising out of or related to this Agreement, Buyer agrees to pay all of FES's attorney fees, costs and other expenses incurred in connection with the litigation or proceeding if FES is successful in such litigation or proceeding.
This Agreement and related Contract of Sale contain the entire agreement between Buyer and FES pertaining to the subject matter described herein. Any terms proposed by Buyer orally or in writing which add to, vary from or conflict with this Agreement shall be void.

Acceptable forms of payment are Credit or Debit Card. Local checks or cash upon pick-up will only be accepted with prior authorization. For orders of $2,500.00 and above, buyer must pay via wire transfer, cash, or money order. Complete payment is required day of auction or upon receipt of notification of a successful bid (if bidding as absentee, phone or online bidder). All online bidders will automatically have their card on file charged on the 4th day the following the auction unless prior communication has been made. Items not paid for after the 5th day of sale are deemed non-collectable and bidder is marked as a nonpaying bidder.


*Address in Phoenix will be provided to winning bidders when they receive an invoice via email at the conclusion of the sale.*
September 13, 2021 from 9:00AM-5:00PM
*If you cannot pick up on this day, your items will go to PakMail where you can pick up from them for a small fee, or have your items shipped.*

Pak Mail Phoenix - Phone (602) 971-2300
Once we have received your payment, your purchase will be turned over to our exclusive shipping provider Pak Mail Phoenix. They will proactively reach out to you to arrange packing, shipping, and insurance. For questions related to shipping please feel free to contact them directly.
Pak Mail Phoenix
3218 E. Bell Rd.
Phoenix, AZ 85032
Phone (602) 971-2300
Fax (602) 992-3222
Pak Mail's hours of operations are as follows: Mon-Fri 9am - 6pm, Saturday 10am - 2pm, Closed on Sundays.
If shipping has not been paid within 10 days from the initial quote date from the shipping company, you agree that your Credit Card will be charged and the items will be shipped.
Fidelity Estate Services is not responsible for damage to any items once items have been turned over to the shipping company. All costs associated with shipping are the responsibility of the buyer.


The price paid by online bidder, or phone bidder is the sum of;
(a) Bidder's final bid (hammer price per lot),
(b) A premium of 20% of the hammer price per lot plus an online convenience fee of 5% for a total of 25%
(c) All applicable sales tax.
Buyer understands and agrees that the 25% buyer's premium per Lot purchased will be automatically included in the final settlement figure, and the buyer will be required to pay all applicable taxes, or other fees levied by any authority.


Buyer will be required to pay all applicable taxes, or other fees levied by any authority. State Sales Tax Law, if applicable, will be applied. Phoenix, AZ 8.6%


Condition: All damages seen at time of listing have been identified. Common nicks, scratches and wear may not have been called. If an item is found to be different than listed, it will be announced and no absentee or live bids will be entered on item. It is the bidder's responsibility to determine overall condition before bidding on an item.