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    Fidelity Estate Services

HUGE Rare Firearm & Military Swords, Silver Bullion Coins, Native Jewelry, & Furniture Auction!

Everything Sells at NO RESERVE!

Saturday, June 5, 2021

8:00AM Preview, 9:00AM Auction

18802 N. Concho Circle, Sun City, AZ 85373

*Food and drinks will be available for purchase!*


  • Native American, Signed Navajo and Zuni pieces including cuffs, necklaces, rings, bracelets, etc.
  • Silver & Costume Jewelry Collection, RARE Diamondbacks charm bracelets w/ certs!
  • Large $2, $1, and $20  vintage bill collection, U.S. Silver coins including silver dollars, half dollars, quarter, 1oz. bullion Las Vegas Collector coins (.999 silver), foreign coins, & more!

MASSIVE Collection of Gun Books, Magazines, Catalogues, Marlin Pamphlets, Etc. (SEE PICS!)


  • V2- "OK" Derringer Caliber: .22 R.F Serial No: 3775 Grips: Walnut
  • V5- "NEVER MISS" Derringer Caliber: .22 R.F. Serial No: 4855 Grips: Walnut
  • V6- "NEVER MISS" Derringer Caliber: .32 R.F. Serial No: 10984 Grips: Walnut
  • V10- "OK" Revolver Caliber: .22 R.F. Serial No: 1651Grips: Walnut
  • V11- "LITTLE JOKER" Caliber: .22 R.F. Serial No: 1350Grips: Walnut
  • V13- "LITTLE JOKER" Caliber: .22 R.F. Serial No: 3336 Grips: Walnut
  • V15- "XX STANDARD 1873"3rd. Variation Caliber: .22 R.F. Serial No: 5793Grip: * Hard Rubber (star)
  • V18-"XXX STANDARD 1872" 4th. Variation Caliber: .30 R.F. long Serial No: 334 Grip: # Ivory
  • V-20 "XXX STANDARD 1872" 1st. Variation Caliber: .30 R.F. short Serial No: 689 Grips: # Rosewood
  • V22- "XXX STANDARD 1872" 4th. Variation Caliber: .30 R.F. long Serial No: 1645 Grips: * Hard Rubber (star)
  • V26- "XXX STANDARD 1872" 3rd. Variation Caliber: .30 R.F. short Serial No: 3500 Grips: # Rosewood
  • V27- "XXX STANDARD 1872" 4th. Variation Caliber: .30 R.F. long Serial No: 3602 Grips: # Rosewood
  • V29- "XXX STANDARD 1872" 3rd. Variation Caliber: .30 R.F. short Serial No. 4927 Grips: # Rosewood
  • V34- "No.32 STANDARD 1875" 2nd. Variation Caliber: .32 R.F. long Serial No: 41 Grips: * Hard Rubber (star)
  • V39- "No.32 STANDARD 1875" 2nd. Variation Caliber: .32 R.F. long Serial No: 2030 Grips: # Rosewood
  • V40- "No.32 STANDARD 1875" 2nd. Variation Caliber: .32 R.F. long Serial No: 2045 Grips: * Hard Rubber (star)
  • V42- "No.32 STANDARD 1875" 2nd. Variation Caliber: .32 R.F. long Serial No: 272Grips: * Hard Rubber (star)
  • V 46- "No.32 STANDARD 1875" 2nd. Variation Caliber: .32 R.F. long Serial No: 6591 Grips: * Hard Rubber (star)
  • V47- "No.32 STANDARD 1875" 2nd. Variation Caliber: .32 R.F. long Serial No: 7356 Grips: * Hard Rubber (MFA)
  • V50- "No.32 STANDARD 1875" 2nd. Variation Caliber: .32 R.F. long Serial No: 9848 Grips: * Hard Rubber (star)
  • V58- "Model 1887 D.A."2nd. Variation Caliber: .38 S&WSerial No: 985 Grips: * Hard Rubber (MFA)
  • V61- "SAFETY POLICE" Caliber: .32 S&W Serial No: 8 / 13 Grips: * Hard Rubber (H&A) ONE OF FOUR KNOWEN
  • V63- "AMERICAN STANDARD TOOL" “Pocket Revolver” Caliber: .22 R.F. Serial No: 3649 Grips: Walnut ENGRAVED
  • V66- 66."AMERICAN STANDARD TOOL” “Pocket Revolver” Caliber: .22 R.F. Serial No: 28413 Grips: Pearl ENGRAVED CYLINDER #29868


  • V68- Ruger Mark II semi-automatic 22LR target pistol in original box, like new condition. SN 213-39446
  • V69- HI-Standard Sentinel double/single action .22cal 9 shot revolver SN 962730
  • V70- Walther PP 7.65mm semi-automatic pistol, great condition with two magazines. SN 12678
  • V71- Colt Officers Target Model .22LR six shot double/single action revolver SN 51946.
  • V72- Marlin 39TDS .22cal lever action rifle with a beautiful walnut stock and bluing. SN TDS00052
  • V73- Marlin model 1897 lever action rifle with a jeweled hammer. SN 155558
  • V74- Remington Wingmaster 870TC pump action 12GA shotgun beautiful stock with a full choke. SN S102321V
  • V75- Marlin model 15Y .22cal bolt action rifle with a Bushnell 4x32 water proof scope. SN 15698630
  • V76- Lefever Nitro Special side-by-side double barrel shotgun GA unknown
  • V77- Marlin 39 Century LTD .22cal tube fed lever action rifle like new condition. SN 15166
  • V78- Winchester model 12 16GA pump action shotgun full choke and matching SN. SN 955445
  • V79- Connecticut Valley Arms black powder .58cal cap and ball rifle SN.003606
  • V80- Smith&Wesson model 41 22LR target pistol wood grips with a bushnell scope. SN A130214
  • V81- A pair of Dooley Liverpool mini percussion pistols with detachable barrels and brass frame.

ANTIQUE-VINTAGE WEAPONRY INCLUDING: (The following list/details are as provided by the client.)

  • TWO 10 Drawer Double Door Solid Oak Display Cabinets for Edged Weapon Collection- all drawers are felt lined! 
  • 1- Spain: Model 1941 Mauser Bolo
  • 2- France: Model 1874 Gras Rifle
  • 3- Sweden: Model 1896 knife 
  • 4- France: Model 1866 Yataghan Chassepot 
  • 5- Germany: 84-98 Knife Kar 98K Mauser
  • 6- USA: Model 1913-17 Remington for Enfield
  • 7- France: Lebel 1916 Cruciform No Hook Quill
  • 8- Argentina: Model 1891 By Solingen 
  • 9- Germany: Model S. 98-05 Butcher Sawback
  • 10- Portugal: Model 1885 by Steyr in Austria
  • 11- Italy: Model 1891 for Mann. Carcano
  • 12- Japan: Model 1897 Type 30 for Arisaka
  • 13- Chile: Model 1895 Mauser
  • 14- England: Spike No. 4 MK II
  • 15- Germany: Model S. 98 2nd Model
  • 16- Brazil: Model 1908 Mauser by Weyersburg
  • 17- USA: Model 1917 US Enfield w/ oil hole
  • 18- USA: Model 1892 Krag- Jorgensen
  • 19- Switzerland: Model 1911 Pioneer Schmidt-Rubin
  • 20- Portugal: FN Fal 1965 Nato
  • 21- France: Mod 1892 Mannlicher Berthier sword
  • 22- England: 1879 Artillery Sawback Martini Henry
  • 23- England: #9 MK 1 For #4 Rifle & Sten 1946 Navy
  • 24- England: 1888 MK 1 for Lee Metford
  • 25- USA: Mod 1873 Springfield .45-70 Trapdoor
  • 26- Sweden: Mod 1914
  • 27- Italy: 1871/87/16 Shorted '16 Quillion off
  • 28- France: 1886 /35 Lebel Short w/ quillion SVR
  • 29- Denmark: 1889 Krag-Jorgensen 8mm Wood HDL
  • 30- Denmark: 1915 (Scarce)
  • 31- Demark: Mod 2 1867 Remington MFG German
  • 32- Italy: Mod 1938 Man-Car Nonfolding
  • 33- Egypt: Hakim 1950 (Like Swed 1896) 
  • 34- Belgium: F.N. Fal Mod 1953 (NATO) Parkerized
  • 35- Argentina: Mauser 1909
  • 36- India: Patten 1941-43 Stamped Unfullered
  • 37- Switzerland: Vetterli Mod 1878 Pioneer Rifle
  • 38- Spain: Model 1913 Mauser
  • 39- England: Pattern 1853 Enfield Socket
  • 40- East Germany: AKM FOR AK-47
  • 41- USA: M7 for M-16 Type II
  • 42- England: #4 MK II
  • 44- Belgium: Mod 1924 Shortened for Mauser '35
  • 45- Turkey: Mod 1890 Shortened
  • 46- Thailand: Mod 1896 Mauser (MFG in Japan)
  • 47- USA: M1 Garand 1943 MK 7 Scabbard
  • 49- China: Type 56 SKS Folding
  • 50- China: Type 56-1 AKS
  • 51- USA: M5 for M1 Garand
  • 52- USA: M7 for M-16 Type II
  • 53- Austria: Mod 1895 for Mannlicker
  • 54- Switzerland: Mod 1889 for Schmidt- Rubin
  • 55- Switzerland: Mod 1918 for Schmidt- Rubin
  • 56- England: Pattern 1876 for Martini-Henry
  • 57- Russia: Mod 1891-30 for Mosin-Nagant
  • 58- Belgium: Mod 1963 FAL 
  • 59- USA: Bolo Knife 1912 (not bayonet)
  • 60- Germany: Mod G3 Heckler & Koch 1979
  • 61- Austria: Mod 1849 Augustin-Jager Carbine
  • 62- Austria: Mod 1842 System Laukart
  • 63- Nepal: Patten 1770 Brown Bess (Repro?)
  • 64- France: Mod 1842-59
  • 65- Italy: Mod 1871 Vetterli-Vitali
  • 66- CSA: Mod 1862 Zouave (no scabbard)
  • 67- Turkey: Mod 1890 Shortened, quillion cut off
  • 68- England: Spike (see #14 & 42)
  • 69- England: Pattern 1856 Enfield 
  • 70- Italy: Mod 1891-97 for Carcano T.S. 
  • 71- Italy: Mod 1938 Man-Car Folding
  • 72- USA: Mod 1870 Navy Rolling Block Rifle
  • 73- Spain: Mod 1969 CETME
  • 74- England: Pattern 1848 2nd Brunswick
  • 75- Norway: Mod 1894 Krag-Jorgensen Knife
  • 76- Egypt: Unknown (similar to French 1842)
  • 77- Germany: Mod 1871 Infantry (See #88)
  • 78- England: Pattern 1859 Navy Cutglass
  • 79- England: Pattern 1801 Baker Rifle (repro)
  • 80- England: Mod 1958 L1A3
  • 81- Norway: Mod 1894-14 Krag-Jorg Long 3rd Var
  • 82- USA: Mod 1862 Remington Zouave (Repro?)
  • 83- USA: Mod 1905 03 Springfield & M1 Garand
  • 84- Germany: Mod 1898-05 Ersatz cut down
  • 85- Canada: Mod 1910 ROSS MK 1
  • 86- Denmark: Mod 1 1867 w/ leaf spring MFG Germany
  • 87- England: PAT 1876-95 Martini-Henry Metford
  • 88- Germany: Mod 1871 (See #77)
  • 89- USA: Mod 1861 Navy Dahlgren Var #4
  • 90-  France: Mod 1956 MAS (See #100)
  • 91- Switzerland: Mod 1957 SIG (Export to Chile)
  • 92- Spain: Mod 1969 Cetme (See #73)
  • 93- Japan: Type 44 Arisaka 2nd Var 1911-23 Fold
  • 94- Russia: Mod AK-47 1947
  • 95- USA: USMC Roundtip Machete
  • 96- Denmark: Mod 1854
  • 97- Holland: Mod 1895 For Mannlicker
  • 98- England: PAT 1895 Martini-Enfield (See #87)
  • 99- USA: Unknown Socket Marked "US"
  • 100 (or ##) France: Mod 1956 MAS (See #90)
  • 101- USA: Mod 1873 Trowel Springfield Trapdr
  • 102- USA: Mod 1941 Johnson Rifle
  • 103- Brazil: Mod 1908
  • 104- Sweden: Mauser Rifle
  • 105- Swiss short sword
  • 106- Swiss short sword
  • 107- Unknown short sword
  • 108- Unknown Sawback Short Sword
  • 109- Unknown Sawback Short sword
  • 110- French Infantry Sabre 1817 
  • 111- England Sawback sword
  • 112- USA Winchester 73
  • 113- Russia WW1 Short sword
  • 114- unknown cutlass
  • 115- unknown sword (India?)
  • 116- French Klingenthal 1811 (Napoleonic Wars)
  • 117- French 1876
  • 118- Unknown
  • 119- German WW1 F. Plucker trench knuckle knife
  • A- British Enfield No. 2 Revolver .38 S&W WWII Tank Pistol
  • B- Mauser C96 Broomhandle Wartime Commerical (1915) All matching gun, case, armstock Mauser 7.63 cal ammo
  • C- French Fusil Gras Modele 1874 M80 Infantry Rifle
  • D- Lebel Model 1886 Rifle "Fusil MLE 1886 M93"
  • E- Vetterli-Vitali Rifle Fucil Model 1870/87 1873 Manufacture- Italian
  • F- Flintlock Pistol SAR-GP
  • G- JB Hasenclever Double Barrel Percussion Cap Ball Pistol
  • H- Derringer Percussion Cap and Ball Double Barrel Pistol
  • I- 2 Black Powder Flasks
  • 2 Klipsch Reference 3 150 Watt Speakers
  • 2 Klipsch Reference 7 150 Watt Speakers 


  • Glass top dining table and 4 chairs
  • Modern upholstered sofas with nail trim
  • Area rugs
  • Side tables
  • Hand carved wood storage trunk
  • Lamps
  • Essential Oils rack
  • Side chairs
  • Modern Dining table & 6 chairs with leather style seats
  • RARE Monopoly game table with accessories (SEE PICS!)
  • Vintage toys/collectibles
  • Barbie collection
  • Wicker bedroom set
  • Beautiful 7 drawer jewelry chest with side doors
  • Patio set
  • Misc. collectibles & decor throughout the house! 

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Buyer agrees not to join FES as a defendant in any action or proceeding arising directly or indirectly out of the condition of the Lot or any alleged representations concerning the Lot. If Buyer fails to comply with this provision, Buyer agrees to reimburse FES for all costs, expenses, and fees, including attorney fees, in defense of such claims.
Buyer hereby waives any potential or actual conflict of interest inherent in such a mediation process and agrees to defend (using counsel reasonably acceptable to FES). Bidder acknowledges responsibility for any personal injury or property damage caused by bidder or bidder's agents, and further agrees to hold harmless Auctioneer and the seller, and their respective agents, employees and representatives for and from (a) any and all personal injury to bidder and bidder's agents, (b) any property damage occurring on the auction premises, and any and all suits, claims, damages, costs and expenses of every kind and nature which may or might be asserted against any of them as a result of the actions or omissions of bidder and/or bidder's agents.
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BUYERS FEES: The price paid by bidder, or phone bidder is the sum of;
(a) Bidder's final bid (hammer price per lot),
(b) A premium of 15% for cash and 18% for debit/credit of the hammer price per lot for all transactions.
(c) All applicable sales tax.
Buyer understands and agrees that the buyer's premium per Lot purchased will be automatically included in the final settlement figure, and the buyer will be required to pay all applicable taxes, or other fees levied by any authority. 
SALES TAX LAW: Buyer will be required to pay all applicable taxes, or other fees levied by any authority. State Sales Tax Law, if applicable, will be applied. Phoenix, AZ 8.6%.
CONDITION OF GOODS: Condition: All damages seen at time of listing have been identified. Common nicks, scratches and wear may not have been called. If an item is found to be different than listed, it will be announced, and no absentee or live bids will be entered on item. It is the bidder's responsibility to determine overall condition before bidding on an item.