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    Fidelity Estate Services

HUGE Live Auction! Springerville, AZ- Firearms, Machinery, Tractor, Vehicles, Ammo, Tools & MORE!!!!


There are alternate routes through Globe, Flagstaff and Strawberry please check your GPS and Maps!


Live & NO RESERVE Absolute Auction!

The buyers that make the drive are the buyers that are going to get the deals!

There is a local neighbor with a rig that can help load ANY piece of equipment, for hire, so don't hesitate to bid!

There is PLENTY of places on the lot to park, BRING YOUR TRAILERS!

Saturday, June 20th, 2020

Preview at 9AM, Auction at 10AM 

Address:  44 County Road 4131 Springerville, AZ 85938

We respect social distancing practices and will have masks and hand sanitizer available at the sale. If you are not comfortable attending this public event but would like to purchase an item, please email us at contact@fidelityestateservices.com for an Absentee Bid Form, and we will be happy to work your bids into the auction on your behalf. Thank you for your cooperation! 


  • 2014 Nissan Versa  SV Model 4 Door Sedan w/ 67,000 Miles VIN#3n1cn7ap2el841401
  • 1996 Ford Bronco XL "Running!" VIN#1fme15h6tlb84454
  • 1996 Polaris XPLORER 400 Quad
  • Huskee 12-38 Horsepower Cutting Width Riding Lawn Mower
  • Vintage High End Professional Racing Go-Cart (Blue)
  • Vintage Ford F250 Work Truck with Electric Lift Gate Bed and Tool Chest Sides
  • 6+ Boats, 4+ Trailers, Full Size School Bus,
  • Vintage Aristo Craft Turquoise Boat!
  • Vintage Speed Boat w/ Trailer
  • Vintage 6 Wheel Bobcat Style Tractor 
  • Vintage FORD 9000 Tractor w// Bucket and Accessories !

RARE Guitars and AMPS

  • Sigma Acoustic DR-28 Guitar
  • Fender Vibro Champ XD AMP
  • Fender RED Stratocaster Electric USA Guitar
  • Vintage Steel Electric Fender Guitar
  • Fender Concert Amp
  • Misc. Peddles, Wires and Amps


Machinery / Tools / Gun Safes:

  • Central machinery gh-1440a Lathe - Yea 2006 
  • Ramco Model RS100P Series Cutoff Saw
  • Bridgeport Textron Turret Miller 
  • Linde Type HDA-300 Power Supply-  FOR WELDING, Stick Welder 300 AMPS, 32 Volts 2100H 1035
  • Thomas Grinding Co. Robbins & Myers 220 Volts, CYC 60 Machine
  • Hobart Blue Welder 
  • Brand New SOLAR PANELS!!!! 
  • Digital OBDII Code Reader
  • Nikon Binoculars
  • Winchester Electronic Gun Safe
  • 2 American Security LARGE Turn Dial Gun Safes (with combinations)
  • 3 Large Gun Safes w/ Combinations
  • Sentinel Gun Safe w/ Electronic Kepad
  •  2 Vintage Truck Bed Trailers
  • Vintage Gary Safe Co. Strong Box Safe
  • Magellan GPS 300 Multiples
  • Fisher Gold Bug Metal Detector
  • Viper HD Spotting Scope
  • 12 Plus Gun Scopes
  • Van Norman 333 Brake Drum Lathe
  • HUGE Tools Boxes!
  • Huge Collection of Gas Masks, Camo, Backpacks, Ammo Packs, CHEMICAL Suits (new)
  • Hunting Knives
  • Miller 330A/BP AC-DC Welder!
  • Central Machinery Tire Setter
  • Cast Iron Arbor Press
  • Tap & Die Sets
  • Electronic Battery Jumpers
  • Zephyr AC Unit with Duct Work
  • Large Blue Drill Press
  • Hand Tools: screwdrivers, bits, socket sets, drill bits, cutters, shovels and MORE!
  • HUGE Stand with Copper WIre
  • 80 Gallon Air Compressor 
  • Engine Boxes, Drive Shafts, Tires, Rims and MORE
  • 10 Plus HUGE Nuts and Bolt Racks
  • Road Shock 12 Volts Electric WINCH 10,000 LB
  • Energin 8000E Generator
  • VAN Norman #555 Gold and Silver Melting Machine Table
  • Central Machinery Bench Grinder
  • DuraCraft FM 1617 Drill Press
  • Multiple Vices
  • Large Green Air Compressor
  • Titan XT Paint Sprayer
  • 2 Large Metal Stair Cases on Rollers
  • Wysonc & Miles Co Number 452 Cutter
  • 175 Horsepower Johnson Motor
  • Welding Tanks and Cart
  • Speedway Series Sand Blaster 


Firearms List:

S1: Remington Model 700, bolt action rifle with Vortex Viper 6-24X50 scope, 308 WIN stamped on barrel, serial #E6449892

S2: Remington Model Seven, 308 WIN bolt action rifle with 3X-9X Fullfield II Burris scope, Serial #7653327

S3: Springfield Armory 1005 SA-48-MATCH, 7.62mm SA-1650

S4: DSA Inc SA58 308cal with 4.5X-14X Fullfield II Burris scope, Serial #DS15722 and 36895

S5: Bolt action 30-06 rifle

S6: Remington Model 700 bolt action rifle with 3X-10X-40mm Burris scope, Serial # C6287068

S7: Bolt action 30-06 rifle with Tasco scope

S8: Remington 700 “The Ultimate Varmint” Designed by Maj. John Plaster bolt action rifle with Vortex Viper 6-24X50 scope, Serial #G6389150 and 3006A1

S9: .22LR bolt action rifle with Lyman scope 

S10: DSA Inc. SA58 308cal, Serial #DS21055 

S11: 30-06 bolt action rifle, W2, with 4.5X-14X Fullfield II Burris scope  

S12: PWA Milan, Italy Cal 5.56mm Commando, with 1X-4X Fullfield 30 Burris scope, Serial #16634

S13: Remington Wingmaster Model 870, pump action 12GA shotgun for 2 ¾ or shorter shells, Serial #S096382V

S14: DSA Inc. SA58 308cal, Serial #DS19543

S15: Remington U.S. Model 1917 30-06 nitro proof bolt action rifle 

S16: SA58 308cal, Serial #DS25387

S17: Bolt action rifle with Bushnell Elite 4200 scope, Serial #D669645

S18: Remington Model 700 bolt action rifle with 8-32X56 Nightforce scope, Serial #E6236761

S19: DSA Inc. SA58 308cal with StrikeEagle 1-8X24 scope, Serial #9602302D58

S20: The Marlin Firearms Co. Model 17VS .17 H.M.R. bolt action rifle with Bausch & Lomb scope, Serial #98692755

S21: Ruger Model 10/22 carbine .22LR cal with D-241M Night Vision Scope, Serial #239-42654

S22: P. Beretta Gardone V.T. Italian “Silver Hawk” Break Barrel Shotgun, Serial #8294

S23: 10mm Auto Glock 20 with TLR-2 Streamlight, Serial #EGT285

S24: Smith & Wesson .44 Magnum Mountain Gun Revolver, Serial #B3M4267

S25: Kahr Arms PM9, 9X19 pistol, Serial #ID1154 

S26: 10mm Auto Glock 29, Serial #CKS873

S27: Ruger .22cal LR Mark II Target pistol, Competition Target Model, Serial #218-60978

S28: 9X19 Glock 19 pistol, Serial #DY434

S29: Ruger .44 Magnum Super Redhawk revolver, Serial #550-34257

Ammunition including:

Remington, PMC, El Dorado,  Federal  & More

100+ Full Clips of .223 Ammo

HUGE amounts of AMMO!!!! See pics!

Reloading Equipment:

  • 5+ Dillon Precision Reloaders
  • 50+ Buckets of Brass and Lead
  • 100 Gun Clips 
  • OVER $3,000 Worth of Gun Powder in the Original Buckets!
  • Large Table of Gun Barrels & Bolt Actions! 


By registering to bid or placing a bid, you agree to be bound by all these terms & conditions, and any other announced terms and conditions of sale or rules of this site. Arizona law will apply to all legal disputes.

This Bidder Agreement ("Agreement") is made between Fidelity Estate Services, LLC ("FES") and the person or entity listed on this page ("Buyer"). Bidder agrees to be bound by the terms of this Agreement with respect to all sales and auctions conducted by Auctioneer. Bidder acknowledges that additional terms to this Agreement may be posted and/or announced from the auction block and such additional terms are deemed incorporated into this Agreement by this reference and are binding on Bidder.


Each Lot is sold "AS IS-WHERE IS", with all faults and defects and all errors of description. Buyer hereby waives and releases FES from and against any claim, demand, liability, or expense of any kind arising out of or related to the Lot.

Buyer acknowledges and understands;

1. FES does not make any representations or express any opinions of its own concerning any Lot

2. Buyer has the option to make his own examination of online photos and/or in-person preview of any Lot before bidding; and assumes all risk of any nonconformities in any Lot.

3. Condition report requests are suggested if you are unable to view the item in person. Condition report requests are answered in the order they are received. It is at the auctioneer's discretion to respond to any request sent the day of the auction.

4. Buyer further acknowledges that he has not relied upon any Statements and/or oral or written representations by FES contained in any catalogs or advertisements of any type pertaining to the sale, including without limitation statements concerning condition, genuineness or authenticity, originality, origin or provenance, previous use or ownership, manufacturing or restoration processes, year or age, serial number, make, and/or model of any Lot or of any component of any Lot.

5. Buyer represents that the amount bid for any Lot is based solely on Buyer's own independent inspection and evaluation via photos provided online of that Lot.

6. Auctioneer is not liable for any issues concerning telephone bids, online bidding, and/or absentee bidding.

7. Buyer assumes all risks associated with any nonconformity of any Lot or any component of any Lot.

8. As a condition of participation in the auction, Buyer represents that he will conduct any inspections and examination necessary via photos provided online to satisfy himself of all material facts before making any bid.

9. Auctioneer reserves the absolute right to withdraw any item at any time before its actual final sale, including during bidding.

10. Auctioneer at its discretion reserves the right to refuse any bid from any bidder and not to recognize a bidder.


The Auctioneer's designation of a buyer is FINAL. The highest bidder acknowledged by the Auctioneer is deemed the buyer of the item auctioned. If any dispute were to arise between two or more bidders, the Auctioneer reserves the right and the discretion;

1. to determine the successful bidder.

2. to refuse any bid from any bidder and/or not to recognize a bidder.

3. Unless otherwise prohibited by law, before Buyer may initiate any legal proceeding arising out of or relating to any sale occurring as a result of this Agreement, including, but not limited to issues related to Seller's representations or statements concerning condition, genuineness or authenticity, origin or provenance, previous use or ownership, manufacturing or restoration processes, year or age, serial number, make, model or mileage, or any other representation made regarding any Lot, Buyer shall submit to a mediation with Seller to be facilitated by FES or its designee on the terms and conditions set forth by FES.

Buyer agrees not to join FES as a defendant in any action or proceeding arising directly or indirectly out of the condition of the Lot or any alleged representations concerning the Lot. If Buyer fails to comply with this provision, Buyer agrees to reimburse FES for all costs, expenses, and fees, including attorney fees, in defense of such claims.


Buyer hereby waives any potential or actual conflict of interest inherent in such a mediation process and agrees to defend (using counsel reasonably acceptable to FES). Bidder acknowledges responsibility for any personal injury or property damage caused by bidder or bidder's agents, and further agrees to hold harmless Auctioneer and the seller, and their respective agents, employees and representatives for and from (a) any and all personal injury to bidder and bidder's agents, (b) any property damage occurring on the auction premises, and any and all suits, claims, damages, costs and expenses of every kind and nature which may or might be asserted against any of them as a result of the actions or omissions of bidder and/or bidder's agents.

Bidder hereby acknowledges that Auctioneer is an Arizona company with its principal place of business in the State of Arizona.



No waiver or alteration of any provisions of this Agreement shall be effective unless it is in writing and signed by an authorized representative of Auctioneer or unless it is publicly announced by Auctioneer from the auction block prior to sale. Any prior oral or written representations or agreements between the Parties are superseded by this Agreement.

The rights and remedies of Auctioneer under this Agreement are cumulative, and the use of any one right or remedy shall not preclude or waive the right to use any or all other remedies Auctioneer may have by law, statute, ordinance or otherwise. In any litigation or proceeding arising out of or related to this Agreement, Buyer agrees to pay all FES's attorney fees, costs and other expenses incurred in connection with the litigation or proceeding if FES is successful in such litigation or proceeding.

This Agreement and related Contract of Sale contain the entire agreement between Buyer and FES pertaining to the subject matter described herein. Any terms proposed by Buyer orally or in writing which add to, vary from or conflict with this Agreement shall be void.

PAYMENT: Acceptable forms of payment are cash, credit or debit Card. Complete payment is required day of auction or upon receipt of notification of a successful bid (if bidding as absentee, phone or online bidder).

All items won at auction must be completely removed from the premises by Buyer at Buyer's sole expense without exception within the 4 days following the auction. Any item not removed within 4 days will be deemed abandoned unless agreed to between Fidelity Estate Services and the winning bidder.

BUYERS FEES: The price paid by bidder, or phone bidder is the sum of;

(a) Bidder's final bid (hammer price per lot),

(b) A premium of 15% of the hammer price per lot for cash transactions, and a premium of 18% of the hammer price per lot for credit/debit transactions.

(c) All applicable sales tax.

Buyer understands and agrees that the buyer's premium per Lot purchased will be automatically included in the final settlement figure, and the buyer will be required to pay all applicable taxes, or other fees levied by any authority.

SALES TAX LAW: Buyer will be required to pay all applicable taxes, or other fees levied by any authority. State Sales Tax Law, if applicable, will be applied. Springerville, AZ 

CONDITION OF GOODS: Condition: All damages seen at time of listing have been identified. Common nicks, scratches and wear may not have been called. If an item is found to be different than listed, it will be announced, and no absentee or live bids will be entered on item. It is the bidder's responsibility to determine overall condition before bidding on an item.