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    Fidelity Estate Services

Session #3 Online Fine Jewelry, Gold, Diamonds, Gemstones & Vintage Costume Jewelry

ONLINE AUCTION!! Session 3- Fine Jewelry, Gold, Diamonds, Gemstones, & Vintage Costume Jewelry Sale!!

This is a timed online only auction that ENDS SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 21st!! Bid online now!! The first lot will close at 8:00AM MST on SATURDAY, September 21st, and each minute, the next lot will close until the auction is over. The auction is LIVE right now, so GET YOUR BIDS IN!! You can choose to pick up your items in person, or have your items shipped to you. Good luck bidding!!

***** To BID Online Click the Link Below! *****




DATE: Monday, September 23rd

TIME: 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM  

LOCATION: WAYL.A.Studios on the WEST SIDE of Modern Manor in Downtown Phoenix. ADDRESS:  4130 N. 7th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85013

** If you would like to pay your invoice with cash, you may do so at local pickup. If you are unable to make it to this pick up date, please see shipping information below!**



If you are out of town, or unable to pick up your items at the above listed time and location, your items will be shipped, OR you can locally pick them up from Pak Mail for a small fee. Once items have been paid in full, items will be turned over to Pak Mail Phoenix. PAK MAIL WILL CALL YOU after the auction concludes to arrange shipping. They offer FedEx, DHL, UPS and USPS services for most parcels. For those larger items, Packing, Shipping, Crating & Freight services are available. For questions related to shipping please feel free to contact them directly.

Pak Mail Phoenix
3218 E. Bell Rd.
Phoenix, AZ 85032
Phone (602) 971-2300
Fax (602) 992-3222


If you would like to arrange shipping with a DIFFERENT Shipping Company, you are more than welcome to do so. If this is the case, please email us at contact@fidelityestateservices.com with your preferred shippers information. We will need written permission from you, your invoice number, as well as the company/individual name of who will be picking up the items from us or from Pak Mail. It is up to you as the buyer to coordinate this if you prefer not to use Pak Mail


Online Auction Catalogue is as follows: 

500 Joan Michlin "Revelation" 14K Gold Australian Boulder Opal & Diamond Necklace  
501 Joan Michlin "Revelation" 14K Gold Australian Boulder Opal & Diamond Earrings
502 Joan Michlin 14K Gold Modernist Earrings
503 Joan Michlin 14K Gold Modernist Earrings
504 Joan Michlin 14K Gold Modernist Earrings
505 Joan Michlin 14K Gold Modernist Earrings
506 14K Gold Modernist Earrings
507 Tiffany & Co. Garnet and Silver Bead Torsade Necklace
508 Michael Dawkins Sterling Silver Pearl Accent Necklace
509 Michael Dawkins Sterling Silver Fashion Necklace
510 Michael Dawkins Sterling Silver Fashion Bracelet
511 Tiffany & Co Sterling Silver 925 1837 Cuff Bracelet 
512 David Yurman 14k Gold Sterling Heart Charm Necklace 
513 David Yurman 14K & Sterling Cable Choker Buckle Necklace
514 18K & 14K Sapphire & Diamond Bracelet
515 14K Gold Peridot & Diamond Accent Bracelet
516 10K Yellow Gold Gemstone Bracelet 
517 Native American Silver Turquoise, Malachite & Pearl Ring 
518 M. Slim Native American Sterling Silver Charoite & Coral Ring
519 Sterling Silver Peridot & Amethyst Ring 
520 14K Yellow Gold Geode Earrings 
521 Earrings, Pendant & Bracelet Assortment Lot
522 C. Crespin Brass with Gemstone Necklace & Pendant
523 Southwestern Multi Strand Amethyst Necklace
524 Sterling Silver Hand Carved Bone Pendant & Multi Strand Necklace
525 Holly Stults Southwestern Inlayed Turquoise Multi Strand Yellow Coral Necklace
526 Sterling Silver Turquoise & Charoite Beaded Necklace with N. Coriz Inlayed Pendant
527 Unoaerre Italian Sterling Silver Modernist Bracelet
528 Chanel Gold Gild Pearl Single Strand Necklace
529 Sergio Bustamante Mexican Silver Hand Painted Cat Ring
530 Ted Secatero Nakai Native American Navajo Sterling Silver Multi Gemstone Pendant 
531 14k Yellow Gold Amethyst Diamond Statement Ring
532 14K Yellow Gold Aquamarine Ring
533 14K Yellow Gold Opal & Dark Green Gemstone Butterfly Ring
534 14k Yellow Gold Opal & Diamond Statement Ring
535 14K White Gold Pearl & Diamond Ring
536 14k Gold Pink Cabochon Gemstone Ring
537 14K Gold Pearl & Diamond Statement Ring
538 14k Gold Custom Diamond Ring
539 14k Gold 12ct Purple Sapphire Statement Ring
540 14K Yellow Gold Ruby & Diamond Ring
541 10k White Gold Amethyst & Diamond Ring
542 14K Yellow Gold Opal & Diamond Ring
543 14k White Gold Blue Star Sapphire Diamond Ring 
544 Vintage Chinese Silver Dragon Carnelian Ring 
545 Vintage Chinese Silver Dragon Carnelian & Turquoise Ring 
546 Vintage 14k Gold Jade & Pearl Hand Knotted Necklace
547 Vintage 14K Gold Pearl Hand Knotted Necklace 
548 ca 1940's Georg Jensen Amoeba Sterling Silver Bracelet 89
549 ca 1965 Bent Gabrielsen for Georg Jensen  Sterling Silver Pendant
550 14K White Gold CZ Tennis Bracelet
551 ca 1920's Chinese Sterling Silver Filigree  Enamel Carnelian Bracelet
552 14K Gold Chinese Hand Carved Carnelian & Jade Bracelet
553 14K Gold Chinese Hand Carved Angel Skin Coral & Jade Bracelet
554 14K White Gold Chinese 4 Strand Pearl, Jade & Spinel Bracelet 
555 18k Yellow Gold Angel Skin Coral Earrings
556 Mid 20th C. Gold Hand Carved Jade Floral Pendant Earrings
557 14K White Gold Etched Earrings
558 14k White Gold Tahitian Baroque 3 Strand Pearl Blue Sapphire Necklace
559 Silver Hand Knotted Pink Baroque Pearl Necklace
560 Vintage Tahitian & South Sea Baroque 6 Strand Necklace 
561 Sterling Silver Emerald Necklace
562 Onyx and CZ Fashion Necklace
563 14k Yellow & White Gold Hollow Rolo Chain Necklace
564 Signed Fashion Modernist Gold Gilt Choker & Earrings Suite
565 14K Yellow Gold Diamond Necklace 
566 14k Yellow Gold 5.75ct Swiss Blue Topaz Necklace
567 14K Yellow Gold 24ct Amethyst Diamond Necklace
568 14K Yellow Gold 27ct Swiss Blue Topaz Necklace 
569 14k Yellow Gold Round Diamond & Pearl Dome Cluster Cocktail Ring
570 Antique Edwardian Hat Pin & Brooch
571 14K White Gold Chain with Hollycraft Fashion Rhinestone Pendant
572 Silver Multistrand Pearl and Coral Necklace
573 Antique Gold Two Stand Hand Knotted Champagne Pearl Necklace
574 Sterling Silver Diamond Penguin Pendant Necklace
575 Vintage Sterling Silver Skull & Crossbones Ring
576 Vintage Sterling Silver Gemstone Ring
577 14K White Gold Diamond Pearl Ring
578 19th C. 900 Silver Garnet Dome Cluster Ring
579 10k Yellow Gold Opal & Diamond Ring
580 White Gold Diamond Pearl Statement Ring
581 10k Yellow Gold CZ Ring
582 14k Yellow Gold Diamond Engagement Ring.
583 10k Yellow Gold Pink Topaz & Diamond Ring
584 Stylecrest 14K Yellow Gold Diamond Ring
585 19th C. Sterling Silver & 10k Gold Ruby Men's Ring 
586 19th C. Sterling Silver & 10k Gold Onyx Men's Ring 
587 14K Gold Pearl Ring
588 Vintage Sterling Silver Mother of Pearl Ring
589 14K White Gold Diamond Cluster Ring 
590 Sterling Silver Red Gemstone & White Topaz Ring
591 Egyptian Silver Scarab Ring
592 Sterling Silver Rose Quartz Ring
593 Sterling Silver Onyx Ring
594 Sterling Silver Amethyst Ring
595 E. B. W. Signed Native American Silver Needle Petit Point Cuff Bracelet
596 Signed Zuni Native American Silver Sun Face Inlay Cuff Bracelet
597 Signed Native American Silver Turquoise & Coral Inlayed Cuff Bracelet
598 20th C. Chinese Ornate Silver Cinnabar Bracelet
599 Edwardian Elegant Green Glass Silver Bracelet
600 Vintage Edwardian Style Cloak Button Chain
601 Timi Sterling Silver Opal Bracelet
602 10K Yellow Gold US Army Bracelet
603 Antique French Black Glass Encased Perfume Bottle/Snuff Bottle
604 Antique 14K White Gold Lady Elgin Watch
605 Antique Hand Carved Pink Coral Silver Cameo Pendant
606 Early 20th C. 800 Silver Cameo Brooch or Pendant
607 19th C. Edwardian Silver Crude Enamel & Pearl Accent Cherub Necklace
608 19th C. Sterling Chinese Jade Disk with Coral Accent Necklace
609 19th C. Chinese Silver Hand Carved Jade & Carnelian Necklace
610 Vintage Chinese Gold Jade Bead Necklace
611 Antique Asian Hand Carved Jade & Amethyst Necklace
612 14K Gold & Sterling Silver Heart Necklace
613 14K & 10K White Gold Diamond, Topaz, Emerald Necklace & Pendant 
614 14K Yellow Gold Asian Necklace
615 Sterling Silver CZ Necklace 
616 Early 20th C. Silver Filigree Cameo Necklace 
617 Sterling Silver Three Heart Necklace
618 Antique Asian Jade Necklace
619 14K White Gold Aquamarine & Topaz Pendant & 10K White Gold Necklace
620 14K Yellow Gold Pearl Green Stone Necklace
621 14K Yellow Gold Lapis, Turquoise, Malachite, Onyx, Opal Inlayed Pendant 
622 18K Yellow Gold Jade Pendant 
623 Real Gold Nugget Pan Tie Tack
624 10K Yellow Gold Vintage 2ct London Blue Topaz Ring
625 Vintage Sterling Silver Turquoise Southwest Charm Bracelet 
626 Sterling Silver Bracelet
627 Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet
628 Vintage Gucci 6300L Horse bit Gold Plated Ladies Quartz Watch 
629 14K Yellow Gold Diamond Channel Wishbone Eternity Matching Rings
630 20th C. 9K Earth Gemstone Earrings 
631 14K Yellow Gold Channel Diamond Earrings
632 14K Yellow Gold Carnelian Bead Necklace
633 Gold Diamond & Tanzanite Two Strand Pearl Necklace 
634 14K Yellow Gold Hamilton Ladies Watch
635 14K Yellow Gold Longines Ladies Watch
636 10K Gold 1776 - 1976 Commemorative Christmas Medal Coin
637 Early 20th C. Edwardian Style 830 Silver Lapis Bracelet
638 20th C. Sterling Silver Equestrian Brooch Set
639 Sterling Silver Mexican Bug Brooch 
640 Antique 900 Silver Cameo Brooch Pendant
641 Sterling Silver Mexican Necklace
642 14K Yellow Gold Multistrand Pearl Necklace
643 Vintage Sterling Silver Jade, Ivory, Pearl Necklace 
644 14K Yellow Gold Multistrand Pearl Necklace
645 Vtg. Sterling Silver Eiffel Tower Charm Bracelet
646 Antique 14K Gold Filled Elgin Watch
647 Sterling Silver Goebel Pendant 
648 Wenger Swiss Army Watch
649 1950's Native American Silver & Turquoise Bolo Tie
650 4 Southwest Modern Beaded Necklaces
651 Costume Jewelry Lot with Pearl Necklaces and Hair Pins
652 Vintage Costume Jewelry Lot with Necklaces and Bracelets
653 Costume Jewlery Lot with Earrings
654 Vintage Costume Jewelry Fur Clip and Pearl Lot
655 Modern Costume Jeweled Necklace Lot
656 Ivory Earrings
657 Antique Costume Jewelry Fraternity Pin, Button, and Collectible Lot
658 Vintage Costume Jewelry Lot 
659 Vintage Multicolor Costume Jewlery Lot 
660 Antique Vintage Charm and Hair Pin Lot
661 Vintage Miscellaneous Costume Jewelry Lot
662 Modern-Vintage Costume Jewelry Lot
663 Vintage Costume Jewelry Bracelet, Necklace, and Arrowheads Lot
664 Modern-Vintage Costume Jewelry Necklace and Bracelet Lot
665 Modern Costume Jewelry Necklace and Bracelet Lot 
666 Vintage Retro Multicolor Necklace and Pendant Costume Jewelry Lot
667 Vintage Costume Jewelry Lot, Watches, Necklaces, Earrings
668 Vintage Pearl Necklace and Gold Tone Charm Lot
669 Vintage Costume Jewelry Cuff Link Lot
670 HUGE Designer Men's Vintage Wristwatch Lot
671 HUGE Designer Women's Vintage Wristwatch Lot
672 Antique- Vintage Costume Jewelry Lot, Bracelets and Buckle
673 Antique Vintage Cuff Link and Medals Set, Fraternity Pin
674 Vintage Costume Jewelry Necklaces and Bracelets Lot
675 Huge Women's Watches Lot
676 Huge Vintage Costume Jewelry Earrings Lot
677 Vintage Costume Pink and Gold Tone Necklace Lot
678 Vintage Costume Jewlery Necklace Lot
679 Modern Green Tone Costume Jewelry Necklace and Earrings Lot
680 Vintage Gold Tone Costume Jewelry Necklace lot
681 Vintage Costume Jewelry Earrings Lot
682 HUGE Real Pearl Necklace and Bracelet Lot
683 Vintage Costume Jewelry Necklace Lot
684 Vintage Costume Jewelry Rhinestone and Misc. Lot
685 Vintage Rhinestone Brooch/Pendant Lot
686 Vintage Retro Mid-Century Costume Jewelry Lot
687 Vintage Retro Costume Jewelry Necklace and Earring Lot
688 Vintage Gold Tone Costume Jewelry Lot
689 Vintage Beaded Necklace Costume Jewelry Lot
690 Vintage Black and White Costume Jewelry Lot
691 Vintage Retro Yellow Chrysanthemum Flower Pin and Clip on Earring Suite
692 Matisse Green and Copper Enamel Mid-Century Necklace and Bracelet Set, Signed
693 Asian Ivory and Wood Custom Hinged Bangle Bracelet
694 Vintage Gold Tone and Rhinestone Belt
695 Southwest Sterling Silver and Multi-Gemstone 10 Strand Necklace 
696 Middle Eastern Hand Carved Ivory Hinged Bangle Bracelet
697 Modern Silver Tone Alhambra Style Designer Necklace 
698 Modern Gold Tone Alhambra Style Rhinestone Necklace
699 Vintage Retro Cube Dangle Earrings
700 Vintage 925 Sterling Silver JHP Link Necklace
701 Vintage Sterling Silver Rope Chain Necklace with 1897 O Morgan Dollar Pendant
702 Vintage Sterling Silver 1 1/20 12k Gold Filled Cuff Bracelet 
703 Vintage Hamilton 14k Gold Filled Wristwatch 
704 Vintage Sterling Silver and Glass Taxco Panel Bracelet
705 Vintage Sterling Silver Pin Brooch with Blue Gemstone 
706 Modern Camrose & Kross Jacqueline Kennedy .925 Silver Tennis Bracelet in Original Box
707 Antique Micro Mosaic European Silver Tone Bracelet
708 Modern Heidi Daus Jeweled Elephant Bracelet 
709 Vintage Gold Tone Bracelet with Black Gemstones and Seed Pearls
710 Vintage .925 Mexico Ladybug Pin Brooch
711 Vintage Native American Sterling Silver Pendant on Sterling Necklace
712 Vintage Designer Vendome Pin Brooch with Lapis Lazuli, Persian Turquoise and Seed Pearls
713 Vintage Silver Tone Bracelet with 10 Sterling Silver Charms
714 Vintage Enamel Floral Pin Brooch
715 Modern J. Ritter Pewter Horse Bolo Tie 
716 Antique American Waltham Gold Tone Pocket Watch 
717 Vintage Sterling Silver Floral Bracelet 
718 Vintage Art Deco Sterling Silver Link Bracelet
719 Modern Heidi Daus Jeweled Wristwatch 
720 Vintage PR Ex .925 Silver Italian Bracelet
721 .925 Silver and Amethyst Pendant Brooch on Sterling Silver Chain
722 Vintage Bulova Swiss Automatic 10k R.G.P. Wristwatch
723 Vintage Napier Silver Toned Necklace with CZ stones
724 Vintage Waltham Silver Tone Pocket Watch
725 Vintage Native American Sterling Silver & Black Onyx Necklace, Signed 
726 Vintage Native American Silver Spider Brooch with Turquoise and Coral Stones 
727 Modern Silver Tone Middle Eastern Necklace
728 Vintage Sterling Silver and Diamond Heart Shaped Pendant on Sterling Silver Italian Necklace
729 Vintage Modernist Sterling Silver Bayanaham Pin Brooch
730 Vintage Regency Celtic Cross Rhinestone Brooch
731 Modern Heidi Daus Jeweled Elephant Watch
732 Modern .925 Silver Pendant on 10k White Gold Chain Necklace
733 Vintage Native American Silver and Turquoise Cufflinks 
734 Vintage Elmont Swiss Wristwatch
735 Vintage Native American Silver and Turquoise Ring 
736 Antique Amato Sterling Silver Necklace 
737 Grouping of 5 Vintage Floral Brooches
738 Vintage Silver Pendant with Orange Gemstone on Sterling Silver Chain Necklace
739 Vintage Royce Swiss Wristwatch in Benrus Case
740 Vintage Silver Filligree Bangle Bracelet
741 Vintage .925 Silver Italian Link Chain Necklace
742 Silver and Pink Gemstone Pendant on .925 Silver Chain Necklace
743 Vintage European Porcelain Painted Choker Necklace
744 Pierre Cardin Modern Gold Tone Necklace
745 Vintage Weiss Christmas Tree Rhinestone Pin Brooch
746 Vintage Silver Filligree Bangle Bracelet
747 Vintage Native American Silver and Coral Mosaic Ring 
748 Vintage Napier Sterling Silver Bracelet 
749 Vintage Victorian 1/20 12k Gold Filled Floral Brooch
750 Native American Sterling Silver and Opal Inlay Bracelet
751 Modern Sterling Silver and .0.25 CT Diamond Heart Necklace.
752 Vintage Sterling Silver Military Pin Pilot Wings
753 Antique Rhinestone Pin Brooch
754 Vintage Gold Tone Owl Necklace
755 Vintage Edinex Lighter 
756 Vintage Bayanahan Modernist Sterling Silver Pin Brooch
757 Modern .925 Silver Tennis Bracelet with Blue Gemstones
758 Modern .925 Silver Tennis Bracelet with White Gemstones and Gold Overlay
759 Vintage West German Multi Strand Necklace
760 Vintage Coro Gold Tone Bracelet 
761 Movado 18K & Sterling Amethyst Ring 
762 .925 Silver Ring with Smoky Quartz Stone 
763 14k Gold Electroplated Necklace with White and Black Gemstones
764 Vintage Marvella Costume Earrings with Seed Pearls and Blue Stones 
765 Vintage Sterling Silver Military Pin Brooch
766 Silver Multi Strand Gemstone Necklace 
767 Vintage Longines Ladies Wristwatch 
768 Swarovski Jewelers Collection Beaded Gold Tone Necklace
769 Vintage Goldette Gold Tone Bracelet with Gemstones
770 Vintage Monet Gold Tone Bracelet
771 Heidi Daus Costume Lion Ring 
772 Vintage Cico Ladies Wristwatch with Gold Filled Band
773 Vintage Trifari Panel Necklace with Blue Gemstones
774 Boccia Titanium Wristwatch
775 Modern Silver Tone Celtic Cross Bracelet with Turquoise and Tiger Eye Stones 
776 Modern Metal Lion Bracelet
777 Vintage De Nicola Gold Tone Earrings with Orange Gemstones 
778 Vintage Gold Tone Modernist Designer Necklace
779 Modern Designer Gold Tone Necklace with Egg Pendant 
780 Modern Silver Tone Necklace with Turquoise Stones 
781 ' Good as Pure Gold '' Costume Gold Tone Watch
782 Vintage Designer Napier Acorn Link Bracelet
783 Modern Silver Tone Rhinestone Jaguar Ring 
784 Vintage Brass and Stone Mexican Tribal Mask Pendant 
785 20th Century Dyed Pink Seashell Necklace with Brass Clasp
786 20th Century Silver Tone Tribal Necklace with Turquoise Beads
787 20th Century Gold Tone Costume Ring with Blue Stone
788 Vintage Brass Panel Necklace with Mother of Pearl Inlay
789 Vintage Gotham Seventeen Jewels Wristwatch
790 Vintage Gold Tone Costume Link Necklace 
791 Vintage 1970s Zodiac Olympos Automatic Wristwatch
792 Vintage Asian Clossoinne Panel Necklace
793 20th Century Gold Tone Bracelet with Glass Beads
794 Vintage Gold Tone Necklace with Pearls and Costume Gemstones
795 Vintage Costume Brooch with Blue Rhinestones 
796 Vintage Gold Tone Necklace with Wooden Medallion Pendant 
797 20th Century Hawaiian Seashell Necklace 
798 20th Century Bangle Bracelet with Orange Stones 
799 Vintage Retro Free Form Green Slag Beaded Necklace
800 Vintage Monet Gold Tone Multi Strand Necklace 
801 Vintage Gold Tone Choker Necklace with Orange and Red Gemstones 
802 20th Century Green Multi Beaded Necklace
803 2 Affinity Jewelry Linen Cross and Star Bracelets
804 Antique Chinese Kylin Qilin Beast Hand Made Silver Tone Necklace 
805 Men's Rolex Oyster Perpetual Day-Date Wristwatch
806 Circa 1990s CHANEL Black and Gold Tone Clip On Earrings with Original Box 
807 .925 Silver Italian Necklace and Bracelet Set 
808 Vintage Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet with 8 Sterling Silver Charms
809 Vintage Sterling Silver Bracelet with Moon Stones
810 Vintage Western Sterling Silver Belt Buckle 
811 .925 Sterling Silver Ring with Blue Gemstones
812 Vintage 3 pc Thomas Singer Sterling Silver Belt Buckle Set 
813 Vintage Paketa Compass Watch with Leather Band
814 .925 Silver and Pearl Clip on Earrings 
815 Womens Rolex Oyster Perpetual Wristwatch
816 Modern Costume Hand Crafted Porcelain Enamel Silver Tone Earrings
817 .925 Sterling Silver Necklace with Pink Gemstones 
818 Vintage Pearls From Majorca Hobe Pearl Necklace 
819 .925 Silver Multi Strand Necklace including Amethyst and Pearls
820 Vintage .925 Silver Cross Necklace with Malachite and Lapis Lazuli Stone Inlay
821 Vintage Sterling Silver and Amber Ring 
822 .925 Sterling Silver and Green Gemstone Ring
823 Modern .925 Sterling Silver Ring with Cosutme Gemstones
824 .925 Sterling Silver Heart Necklace 
825 Vintage Mexican Silver Earrings with Malachite and Onyx Inlay
826 Sterling Silver Ring with Costume Stones
827 Vintage Native American Sterling Silver and Turquoise Shadow Box Ring
828 Vintage Sterling Silver Necklace with Marcasite and Red Gemstones 
829 .925 Sterling Silver Ring with Green Gemstones
830 Vintage Da Vinci Sterling Silver Cufflinks 
831 Vintage .800 Silver  and Enamel Necklace with Marcasite Stones 
832 Vintage Abstract .925 Silver and Onyx Earrings
833 Vintage Sterling Silver Necklace and Pendant with Amethyst and Grey Gemstone
834 .925 Silver with Gold Italian Necklace and Heart Pendant with Green and White Gemstones
835 Circa 1990s CHANEL Black and Gold Tone Clip On Earrings with Original Box 
836 Vintage Art Nouvea Sterling Silver Parenti Cross Necklace
837 Men's Rolex Oyster Perpetual Day-Date Wristwatch
838 .925 Sterling Silver Necklace with CZ Gemstones
839 .925 Sterling Silver Link Bracelet with Clear Gemstones
840 .925 Sterling Silver Italian Necklace 
841 Vintage Native American Sterling Silver and Black Onyx Earrings
842 Vintage .835 Silver European Panel Necklace with Red Gemstones
843 Vintage Bulova Accutron Wristwatch with Native American Sterling Silver and Turquoise Watch Tips
844 Vintage Hickok Sterling Silver Western Cowboy Boot Tie Clip 
845 Vintage .925 Silver Ring with Amethyst Stone and Marcasite
846 Vintage Modernist Sterling Silver Necklace with Pink and Green Gemstones
847 Vintage Sterling Silver and Gold Overlay Stud Earrings with Green and White Gemstones
848 Vintage Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet with 8 Sterling Silver Charms
849 Antique Sterling Silver Prince of Wales War Fund Enamel Pin Brooch #3220
850 Vintage Native American Sterling Silver Earrings with Blue Gemstones
851 Vintage Beaded Sterling Silver Necklace
852 Vintage .800 Silver Religious Pendant on Sterling Chain Necklace
853 .925 Silver and Blue Gemstone Pendant on Sterling Silver Chain Necklace
854 Vintage Native American Sterling Silver Pendant with Turquoise, Coral, and Onyx Inlay on a Silver Tone Chain Necklace
855 Vintage Sterling Silver Shriners Cuff Bracelet 
856 Vintage .800 Silver and Mother of Pearl Inlay Necklace 
857 Modern .925 Silver Earrings with Blue Gemstones
858 Silver Tone Micro Beaded Necklace 
859 Vintage .925 Silver Ring with Gemstones
860 .925 Silver Ring with Amethyst Stones
861 19 Pcs Sterling Silver Jewelry
862 4 Pcs Sterling Silver Necklaces and Bracelet
863 7 Pcs Vintage Sterling Silver Bolo Pieces
864 Grouping of 10 Vintage Belt Buckles Including Wrstern Themed, National Rifle Association, and Nickel Silver
865 Grouping of 4 Vintage Sterling Silver Pin Brooches Including Trifari Eagle 
866 Grouping of 4 Vintage and Antique Sterling Silver Pendants with Stones 
867 Grouping of 3 Vintage Sterling Silver Military Pin Brooches
868 Grouping of 5 Pieces of Vintage Silver & Sterling Silver Jewelry Including Earrings, Cufflinks, and Pendants
869 Grouping of 3 Vintage Native American Silver and Turquoise Rings
870 Grouping of 5 Pieces of Vintage Sterling Silver Jewelry Including 4 Bracelets and 1 Necklace
871 Vintage WW2 Era Sterling Silver Forget Me Not Bracelet
872 Grouping of 2 Vintage Sterling Silver  & Coin Silver Bracelets
873 Grouping of 12 Pieces of Vintage Silver & Sterling Silver Jewelry 
874 Vintage Sterling Silver Filigree Bracelet and Brooch Set
875 Grouping of 7 Vintage Silver & Sterling Silver Rings
876 Grouping of 11 Pieces of Vintage Silver & Sterling Silver Jewelry
877 Grouping of 4 Pieces of Vintage Native American  Silver and Turquoise Jewelry
878 Grouping of 3 Vintage Silver Rings
879 Vintage Native American Silver Hopi Stick Hat Pin 
880 Grouping of 4 Pieces of Vintage Sterling Silver Jewelry 
881 Grouping of Silver Filligree Jewelry 
882 Grouping of 4 Pairs of Vintage Sterling Silver and Turquoise Earrings
883 Vintage Gold Tone Native American Style Earrings with Stones
884 Vintage Asian Gold Tone Panel Bracelet with Orange Stones
885 Vintage Gold Tone Filligree Braclet with Persian Turquoise Stones
886 Vintage Medieval Cross Pendant on Silver Tone Chain Necklace
887 Modern Sterling Silver Marrujo Necklace with Purple Stones
888 Modern Costume Gold Tone Bracelet with Green, Pink,Purple, and White Rhinestones
889 Vintage Flower Pendant on Carved Stone Necklace
890 Modern Silver Tone Flex Fashion Bracelet with Rhinestones
891 Vintage Gold Tone Chain with Mother of Pearl Inlay Book Pendant
892 Vintage '' Top of the World Masonic Club '' Thule Greenland Zippo Lighter
893 Vintage Gold Tone and Glass Pendant with Gold Ore Pieces
894 Vintage 14k Yellow Gold and Jadeite Pendant
895 Vintage Brass and Red Stone Pin and Earrings Jewelry Set
896 Vintage UR Beauty Gold Tone Wristwatch on 10k Gold Filled Band 
897 Sterling Silver Marrujo Necklace with Purple Stones and Sterling Beads
898 Modern Gold Tone Pendant with Large Orange Gemstone
899 Vintage Montreaux Swiss Pendant Watch
900 Vintage Pair of Copper and Brass Mexican Cufflinks Depicting Faces
901 Vintage Gold Toned Ring 
902 Vintage Gold Tone Ring Marked 18k
903 Modern Gold Tone Costume Necklace with Pink Gemstone Pendant
904 19th Century English Silverplated Purse Locket with Photos
905 1989 Brass and Copper Pin Brooch with Green Stones
906 Vintage Gold Tone Fraternity Hat Pin with Enamel and Seed Pearls
907 Antique Gold Tone and Jade Color Cufflinks
908 Vintage Bulova Wristwatch
909 Vintage Tower Wristwatch Made in U.S.A.
910 Vintage Brass and Red Glass Beaded Necklace
911 Antique European Gold Tone and Jeweled Miniature Picture Frame
912 Vintage Leather and Glass Western Bolo Tie
913 Vintage Gold Tone Necklace with Rhinestones 
914 Vintage Gold Tone Photo Locket with Chain
915 20th Century Black Beaded Double Strand Necklace
916 Vintage Walt Disney Productions Swiss Mickey Mouse Wristwatch with Leather Band
917 Vintage Timex Electric Wristwatch with English DIal
918 Vintage Kent Gold Tone Charm Bracelet 
919 Antique Gold Tone Monogrammed Bangle Bracelet 
920 Vintage Originals by Robert Gold Tone and Enamel Butterfly Brooch
921 Vintage Asian Gold Tone Clip on Earrings with Asian Lettering
922 Vintage Gold Tone Charm Bracelet with 4 Rabbit Charms 
923 Vintage Crown Trifari Gold Tone Clip on Earrings with Blue Stones
924 Vintage American Flag Gold Tone Rhinestone Brooch.
925 Grouping of 3 Vintage Enamel Ballerina Pin Brooches
926 Vintage Hamilton Gold Tone Ladies Wristwatch with 1/20 12k Gold Filled Band
927 Vintage Gold Tone Charm Bracelet with 8 Gold Tone Charms
928 Mid Century Modernist Gold Tone Designer Necklace
929 Vintage Eugene Designer Clip on Earrings with Leaves and Beaded Accents
930 Vintage Gold Tone Carriage with Beads and Rhinestones
931 Vintage Omega 14k Gold Filled Ladies Wristwatch 
932 Vintage Longines 10k Gold Filled Ladies Wristwatch
933 Vintage Art Deco Gold Tone Metal Pin Brooch with Black Center Stone
934 Antique Gold Tone Shadowbox with Pearl
935 Antique Bangle Bracelet with Beads and Gold Tone Heart Pendant
936 Vintage Metal Red Shoes Pin Brooch
937 Vintage United States Military Enameled Pin Brooch
938 Vintage Gold Tone Jaguar Bracelet with Rhinestones 
939 Vintage Gold Tone Elephant Bracelet with Rhinestone 
940 Vintage NATICO Swiss Made Dice Desk Clock 
941 Vintage Brass and Rhinestone Cowboy Hat Ring
942 Vintage Hamilton Automatic 10k R.G.P Men's Wristwatch
943 Vintage Large Pin brooch with Multi Colored Rhinestones
944 Vintage Gold Toned Necklace with Jeweled Pocketwatch Pendant 
945 Modern Heidi Daus Brass and Jeweled Ring 
946 Vintage Cadoro Amber Leaf Brooch
947 Vintage Sterling Silver double Strand Beaded Necklace
948 Vintage Asian Gold Toned Brooch with Pearl inlay
949 Vintage Brass Middle Eastern Brass Hand Made Brooch
950 Vintage Copper and Green Enamel Earrings
951 Modern Heidi Daus Brass and Jeweled Elephant Ring
952 Vintage Gold Tone Floral Pin Brooch with Green, White and Pink Stones 
953 Modern Costume Orange Jeweled Ring
954 Vintage Silver Tone Pendant Brooch Depicting A Dog and Fire Hydrant
955 Vintage Silver Tone Jaguar Bracelet
956 Vintage Asian Jade Pendant Necklace with Ivory Beads
957 Vintage Retro Yellow Bracelet with Designs
958 Nordstrom Sterling & Pearl Earrings in Original Box 
959 Collezio Pink Wristwatch
960 Vintage Tribal Necklace with Pendant
961 Vintage Silver Tone Necklace with Cabochon Cross Pendant
962 Vintage Monet Gold Tone Necklace
963 Vintage Retro Plastic Cuff Bracelet with CZ Rhinestones
964 Vintage Silver Tone Pendant on Silver Tone Rope Chain Necklace
965 Vintage Deleana Ladies Wristwatch with Rhinestones
966 Vintage Bogoff Silver Tone Bracelet with Green and White Rhinestones
967 Antique Enamel Asian Double Strand Necklace
968 Modern Stainless Steel INOX Mens Ring
969 925 Silver Stud Earrings with Cubic Zirconia Stones
970 Le Montreaux Silver Tone Make Up Compact with Green, Pink, and Blue Rhinestones
971 Vintage Gold Tone Bracelet with Green Stone
972 Vintage Mexican Copper Cuff Bracelet with Brass and Silver Toned Accents
973 19th / 20th Century Asian Tribal Stone Beaded Necklace
974 Modern Silver and Amber Bracelet
975 1950's Native American Silver Leather Concho Belt Bracelet
976 19 C. Victorian Watch Fob with Tiger Eye Stones
977 Miriam Haskel Style Vintage Multi Strand Gold Tone Beaded Necklace with Rhinestones & Earrings
978 Vintage .925 Sterling Silver Necklace with Amethyst Crystal and Amber Pendant
979 Vintage Gold tone Panel Bracelet with Agate Stone