Whether we are conducting a Live Auction, or Online Auction, or Estate Sale for your assets, our fee structure is similar for any sale. In many cases, commission rate is the only fee that the client will incur. However, depending on the details of the Estate, other potential fees may include set-up, packing/moving, car detail, lot fees, or clean out services. Any fees will be clearly listed on the contract at the very beginning of the process, and the client does not owe any money up front out of pocket. All commissions/fees are taken from the proceeds at the end of the sale and the client is provided a detailed breakdown of accounting at the conclusion of the sale.


Each sale is unique regarding the type of product being sold and the total value of the assets. For this reason, we do not have a flat commission rate that we charge all clients across the board. Instead, our commission could range anywhere from 20%-45%. This all depends on how much value is involved with the sale. Once an assessment is made of the property, Fidelity Estate Services will indicate a specific commission rate and it will be stated on your contract.

Set-Up: (If Necessary)

Set-up fees vary depending on the condition of the Estate. An approximate rate will be quoted on your contract. We pride ourselves on doing a great job with setup, which enhances the sale overall. The better the sale looks, the better the outcome will be.

Packing/Moving: (If Necessary)

If your items are being taken off-site to combine with another sale, or to be showcased in an Online Auction, you could incur the cost of packing and moving the assets. An estimated rate for packing/moving will be quoted on your contract. With this, you are getting our team of professional movers, truck and trailer, and all necessary packing supplies to ensure that your assets are handled with care and moved with the utmost respect and diligence.

Car Detail: (If applicable)

If we are selling a vehicle during your sale, we highly recommend hiring our professional detailer before the sale. Although this is not a required fee, we highly recommend it. Having vehicles look their very best greatly enhances the sale and if you elect to have your vehicle detailed, we arrange this for you and the fee is listed on your contract at the very beginning.

Lot Fee: (If applicable)

Lot fees generally apply to assets being sold in an Online Auction and will be clearly stated on your contract. Our team spends countless hours to accurately and diligently catalogue items so that potential buyers can be aware of details such as measurements, condition, artist information, provenance of each piece, etc. Additionally, all assets are professionally photographed to ensure that buyers have an accurate representation of what they are purchasing. The lot fee helps cover the cost of the professional cataloguing and photography that goes into the Online Auction which is crucial for conducting a successful sale.

Clean Out/Haul Off: (If Necessary)

We pride ourselves on selling out at our sales, so it is rare when we charge for a clean out or haul off service after the sale concludes. This fee is determined on a case by case basis and will be shown on final accounting.


DISCLAIMER: Each client’s fees are subject to deviate from the approximate fees listed above based on individual circumstances.