Process for an Auction/Estate Sale:

1.       Identify what needs to be sold:

This could be the entire contents of a home, a small collection, or just a few items. Be sure you are able to communicate exactly what items you would like to sell and which items you are keeping (if any) so that we can provide the best possible liquidation process for your individual needs. 

2.       Consultation:

Call us to schedule a free, no obligation consultation. During this consultation, we walk through the property to see exactly what you are working with and assess the property that you are looking to sell. We then use our professional judgement to recommend the most beneficial plan for selling your assets.


3.       Contract:

Once we have decided on a plan and agreed to work together, each party signs a one-page contract stating the terms of the sale. This contract states what property is to be sold, as well as the fees involved.


4.       Preparation/Setup (if needed):

a.       On Site Sale: Our crew comes to the house to set up for the sale. Setup usually takes 1-3 full days, and we typically setup about two weeks before the date of the sale. Our crew brings in tables to display your assets, and will potentially rearrange furniture/larger items to make sure the house is organized to accommodate the buyers on day of the sale. We then photograph the items to prepare for advertising. You can expect the tables to be staged inside the house and/or garage until the day of the sale.

b.       Off-Site Sale OR Online Auction: We schedule pickup. Our crew comes to the house and professionally packs everything to be taken off site. Most pickups only take a few hours and you do not need to assist with this. We then take the items to the location of the sale, or back to our facilities where we professionally photograph, stage, and prepare for the sale.


5.       Advertising:

Ideally, advertising takes place for about 2-3 weeks before the day of the sale. Your sale will be promoted on multiple different estate sale platforms as well as Facebook.  Additionally, we send out multiple emails for each sale to our very extensive buyer list that we have been accumulating since the beginning of email, rooting from 30+ years of business here in the valley. During the weeks preceding the sale, we field calls and emails from potential buyers, educate them on the sale, and accept absentee/phone bids for people who cannot make it the day of the sale.


6.       The Day of the Sale:


a.       On-Site Sale: Our team arrives before the preview time to put finishing touches on the setup. Cashier station is set up, and registration begins. When the sale is over, all buyers pay and load up their items.

                                                               i.      Leftover Items: Although we pride ourselves on selling out, occasionally, there are items that fail to sell at an auction or estate sale. For this reason, we work closely with a few donation centers, and we also have resources to provide haul off/clean out services when necessary.

b.       Online Auction: The auction is live and open for bidding for approx. 2-3 weeks before the sale closes. On the final day of the auction, the first lot usually closes around 9AM MST. Each lot closes one minute later, so the auction takes place online all throughout the day until the last lot closes. After the auction is over, we send out invoices to our buyers, and we need approx. 2-3 weeks to collect payments, arrange shipping to our buyers, etc. Nothing is required of our sellers at this time.


7.       Accounting/Payment:

a.       On-Site or Off-Site Sale: Generally speaking, our clients are paid within 2-3 business days after the sale concludes. When you receive payment, you also get an accounting sheet that shows total sales, commissions/fees, and the proceeds paid to the client/estate.

b.       Online Auction: Payment can be expected approximately 2-3 weeks after an online auction concludes. When you receive payment, you also get an accounting sheet that shows total sales, commissions/fees, and the proceeds paid to the client/estate.

DISCLAIMER: The above process for an Estate Sale/Estate Auction is subject to change per individual client/scenario.