First and foremost, we understand and respect what a difficult time this can be for our clients, and we want to help alleviate the stress of liquidating your family’s Estate. We strive to make this a smooth and seamless process, and we are here to walk you through every step of the way. These are the things we recommend to ensure a smooth and successful liquidation process.

1.       If you are handling property of an Estate, we recommend that you seek legal advice for obtaining the proper documentation that you will need. Documents could include but are not limited to Death Certificate, Personal Representation Document, Power of Attorney Document, etc. No matter what aspect of the Estate you are handling, these documents will come in handy. They could be needed to handle the real estate, personal property, vehicles, utilities, title transfer, etc. Once you receive the proper documentation stating that you are the person in charge of the Estate, you are ready to make some decisions.

2.       Use this time to have any heirs of the Estate go through the personal property and begin deciding what items they would like to keep. We recommend that during the middle or end of this process, you call us to come to the property and take a look at the assets before making any final decisions. Too many times, we have seen a client give away a “painting to the neighbor” (or whatever the item may be), and later realize it was an extremely valuable piece that they would have potentially handled differently, had known the item’s true value. Our team specializes in fine jewelry, fine art, Native American collectibles, coins, antiques, vehicles, and more, and it is our job to inform our clients of what they have so they can make educated decisions when liquidating. Once it is clear what items are being kept and what items will be included in an Estate Sale/Auction, you can proceed with scheduling an Estate Consultation.

3.       Call us to schedule a free, no obligation consultation. At this consultation, we recommend that all or most items are in plain sight and easily viewed. If things need to be unboxed or laid out, we appreciate our clients doing so ahead of time. Although organizing in advance is not required, it is helpful for the consultation. As a liquidation company, we need to make sure there is enough value involved for us to be able to conduct a successful and profitable sale for our client. After we do a walk through and assess the property, we will sit down and discuss all potential options for a sale and make our professional recommendation as to what route we feel would be most beneficial to the Estate. Use this time to express any concerns or ask any questions that will help you feel comfortable with the process. We realize that our clients only get one opportunity to sell their family’s assets, so we want to make sure that each family we work with is comfortable and confident in their decision to hire our firm. If both parties agree to work together, you are ready to sign a contract and schedule a sale.

4.       Sign our one-page Auction/Estate Sale contract where all contact information, terms, commission, and any potential fees will be listed. We will go over the contract with you before signing and provide you a copy for your records.

5.       Before our team comes in to setup, pickup, or prepare for the sale, we highly recommend that you clearly label, isolate, or remove any items that are NOT for sale. We prefer all items not for sale to be completely removed from the house, but we understand that this is not always possible. We need to have very clear communication on what items we are selling so we can be prepared the day of the sale, and the more you can do to assist with this, the smoother the sale will go.

6.       Allow our team access to conduct a setup, pickup, or whatever preparation is needed for the sale. This could be as simple as providing a key and letting us handle it from there.

7.       Wait for the sale to conclude and collect your proceeds. For any live/in-person Auction or Estate Sale that we conduct, our clients get paid within 2-3 business days after the sale concludes. If we are conducting and Online Auction for the Estate, we pay our clients within 30 days of the sale concluding. You will receive an accounting break down of the sale proceeds, as well as an itemized list of what each item sold for.

Although this can seem like an overwhelming process, we want our clients to remember that we are here to relieve the stress of liquidating. We pride ourselves on giving our clients a positive experience, as well as honoring the Estate by raising the most money possible for the assets.