Our firm specializes in selling fine jewelry, fine art, Native American artwork and jewelry, gold and silver coins, high end tools/machinery, rare antiques, vehicles, and other valuable items. Many people have the misconception that those types of items should not be included in an Estate Sale/Auction. However, with the qualifications and capabilities of our firm, we have every confidence that our product knowledge and years of experience allows us to handle those valuable assets successfully.

Benefits of including high end items in an Auction or Estate Sale:

1.       Our team has years of experience as not only liquidators, but also as certified personal property appraisers. We take the time to ensure that your valuable items are being described, photographed, and represented accurately, which gives them the potential to sell for their maximum value on the secondary market.

2.       Our sellers can benefit from our Online Auction Gallery platform, where high end buyers from around the world are able to view and bid on their items.

3.       Our sellers gain access to thousands of local buyers who we have been accumulating for 30+ years, stemming from our long running family history in the Arizona auction business.

4.       High-end items are great draw cards to attract more buyers to a sale, especially when dealing with a full estate.

5.       These items add overall value and appeal to the rest of your sale, making the entire sale more attractive and profitable.

We often hear clients saying that they already sold, or they are planning to sell their jewelry to a jewelry dealer, their vehicle to a car dealer, their coins to a coin dealer, etc.  We want our clients to keep in mind that in most cases when selling specialized items to a dealer, you are selling at a distressed price because the dealer needs to make money when they resell the item(s). Allowing our firm to sell the property at auction allows the item to be sold to the end user, who in most cases is willing to pay more than what a dealer can offer. Even after commissions are taken out, we are often netting our clients more money than what they were offered from a dealer for their assets.

Our 30+ years of experience in the industry has allowed us to learn and specialize in many different markets, as well as gain the high-end buyers who appreciate and pay a premium for finer items. In addition, we have the resources and connections to educate ourselves on rare pieces or specialized items to ensure that we are accurately representing all product that we sell. Whether it be through an Online Auction, Live Auction, or Estate Sale, we have full confidence in successfully handling valuable and high-end assets, and our clients should not hesitate to hire our firm to liquidate such property.