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Estate Auctions: If you need to liquidate an estate as a result of a serious illness, death, divorce, or downsizing for a move to a Retirement or Assisted Living Center, then you need a professional full-service Estate Liquidation Service. Fidelity Estate Services is known for conducting some of the finest Estate Auctions in Arizona. We have a reputation for drawing the largest crowds of bidders to our Live Estate Auctions. A live auction is a great way to command top dollar for your fine antiques, collectibles, gun collections, gold and estate jewelry. Our large crowds and the thrill of live bidding drive up the demand and auction prices. In addition, our Auctioneer Bo Patrick is a well-known local auctioneer, having grown up in the family auction business. Bo is not only trusted and respected as an honest auctioneer, but his auction calling style is fun and engaging and his interaction with the crowd keeps them coming back for more! Our live Arizona auctions result in selling 100% of your Arizona estate items in a matter of hours.

Estate Sales: An Estate Sale or Tag Sale differs from an Auction in that every item is individually priced and the sale is conducted over a 2- to 3-day timeframe. Estate Sales are a great way to liquidate high value furniture and décor. Fidelity Estate Services is an experienced estate liquidation company and we specialize in handling all sizes of estates. We conduct professional estate sales in Phoenix, Scottsdale and throughout the state of Arizona. Our professional estate sale service and extensive buyer list helps us command top dollar for your personal property. We are known for drawing some of the Valley’s largest turnouts in the estate sale business and bringing top dollar for our clients’ possessions. We will handle 100% of your estate sale from set-up, staging, pricing the sale, to advertising and final clean up and clean out. The entire process takes just a few days and is a great way to turn your personal property into cash. We would be honored to handle your Arizona Estate Sale.


High Value Consignment Broker: At Fidelity Estate Services, we are committed to helping our clients get the highest possible dollar amounts for their high value antiques, listed artwork, priceless heirloom estate jewelry, unique collections and rare, vintage automobiles. We have access to the same research and databases that national auction houses do, so we can easily determine the value of your items and recommend the best avenue to liquidate these unique items. We work with many national auction houses in order to negotiate the best possible payouts and return on investment for our clients. We have many high net worth clients who choose to use our white glove consignment and brokering services to discreetly handle the sale of their collections. We offer our clients peace of mind, so sit back and let Fidelity Estate Services do the work for you.

Estate Buyouts: Estate Buyouts are a great option if your estate needs to generate immediate income and there is not enough time to properly stage and conduct an Estate Auction or Estate Sale. Our Estate Buyout Service is a quick and painless way to sell individual items or empty a house in the event you need to put the house on the market or settle other financial matters. We will explain all of your options and let you know if it is economically more advantageous to hire Fidelity Estate Services to do an Estate Auction or Estate Sale. Remember to call us before you make the decision to sell any of your valuables to dealers or pawn shops, as we are always willing to pay top dollar for estates and valuables.

Personal Property Appraisals: Fidelity Estate Services conducts Certified Personal Property Appraisals in Phoenix and throughout the state of Arizona. We specialize in Appraisals of all personal property including antiques, collectibles, guns, fine art, estate jewelry, gold and silver coins, rare books and Native American baskets, pottery and rugs. In addition, we appraise residential contents such as household furniture and decorative items. Our appraisals include examination, photographing and documentation of your property. We thoroughly research valuable items and then deliver a written report with an estimate of the value of your property. Our Certified Property Appraisals are used for many purposes including Insurance claims, charitable donations, divorce, bankruptcy or liquidation. Our appraiser is an Accredited Member of (ISA) The International Society of Appraisers, (CAGA) Certified Appraiser of The Certified Appraisers Guild of America, (USPAP) Certified in the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice and we meet the Qualified IRS Appraiser requirements.

Real Estate Representation: Being a full-service Arizona Estate Liquidation Service means we can handle your estate liquidation from start to finish including residential or commercial real estate transactions. Bo Patrick is licensed with the Arizona Department of Real Estate to sell homes in Arizona. Contact us first if your estate needs to sell the real estate as well as the personal property. We can coordinate the entire process and generally save our clients’ money by handling 100% of their estate needs. Broker: Phoenix View Realty LLC

Fidelity Estate Services is an independent organization and is not affiliated with or endorsed, or sponsored by Fidelity Investments.