About Us

Fidelity Estate Services is a full-service estate liquidation company located in Arizona specializing in Estate Auctions, Estate Sales, Property Appraisals, Estate Buyouts and Real Estate. We handle all aspects of your estate process from appraisal, to liquidation of personal assets. When you need to liquidate your estate, you can trust the experienced team of experts at Fidelity Estate Services. Whether you need an Estate Auction, Estate Sale or Personal Property Appraisal for tax or estate planning services, we do it all, including Real Estate Representation.

We assist our clients in every step of the estate process from appraisal of personal property, liquidation of the estate and even serving as real estate agents specializing in estate listings and we can list your property for sale on the open market. In addition, we also offer a full packing and shipping service for items that heirs may want to keep and need to be sent back home.

Fidelity Estate Services is Arizona’s most trusted full-service estate liquidation company!


About the Owner and Auctioneer Bo Patrick

Born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, as a 3rd generation native, Bo Patrick literally grew up around antiques! Following in his father’s footsteps, he started working at the auction house at the age of 5. Being only the sales slip runner until the age of 14. He then started to take the stand and became the ring man of the auction, with his father calling the sale. Not soon after, he was handed the mic and became a full-fledged auctioneer right then and there! At 19, Bo Patrick flew off to Las Vegas, Nevada, where he began to study for his Appraiser’s License, and continues his education every year, keeping up on the latest industry rules and regulations. Thereafter starting his company, Appraisals Phoenix & Estates, LLC. 9 years later, he has taken his business, Fidelity Estate Services, to a full estate service company. Serving attorneys, fiduciaries, executors, Bank of America US Trust and the Arizona Department of Revenue, as well as many more clients. You might recognize Bo from the hit TV show Arizona Collectibles on PBS Channel 8, as he has been the most featured appraiser for the last 3 seasons.

Fidelity Estate Services is an independent organization and is not affiliated with or endorsed, or sponsored by Fidelity Investments.